Inga Dargužytė

2004 ‘Graphics Session’

In 2004, the project ‘Graphics Session’ was implemented. One of the exhibitions mounted during the project was called ‘Grafi(ti)ka’.

‘Grafi(ti)ka’ was a unique and non-traditional project in the way it was displayed. The purpose of the project was to transfer the exhibits from an enclosed exhibition hall into an open space. The pieces were created in open spaces – on the walls of the buildings. Some of them were done in more visible and representational places, whereas the others were drawn in less conspicuous places.

The pieces of work shown on the walls could be called engravings, prints or simply drawings on the walls or graffiti. Most of them were performed using traditional graphics technique: stencil printing, linocut technique, as well as repoussé technique.

The aim of the project was to draw a distinct line between graffiti and printmaking, highlighting the ‘intellectual’ aspect of the latter. The project was also meant to beautify the city environment and make it more live by applying the art of graphics in urban environment.

Prints ‘Square’ and ‘Triangle’ displayed on the walls are singular series of abstract and geometrical forms.

These could be interpreted to a certain extent as symbols representing the relationship between a part and one whole, completeness and uncertainty.

Nobody knows or can predict how long these works of art will survive. They still exist on the walls just because the renovation of the buildings they are displayed on has not yet started.

(At present they can still be seen in the courtyard of the printing-house of Strazdelis street in Vilnius).