Inga Dargužytė

2009 series of prints ‘Between Surfaces’

‘Between Surfaces’ is a collaborative printmaking project with Scottish printmaker Christine Goodman. During visit in Scotland I have been working in Dundee print studio.

New large scale format cycle was inspired by Scottish environmental landscape – wavy yellow barley fields, reaped rye areas, peaceful green hills, mountains and lochs. I have been trying new material (vinyl tiles, marmoleum) related to traditional linoleum plates, also etching, copper ground and unclosed different imagination of the previous prints. Previous art works were in different mediums, but the surface qualities and techniques have something in common. The surfaces of new prints shows differences in process of using copper, etching, and linoleum material modification and have geometrical, optical and abstract illusion commonly.

Scottish printmaker Christine Goodman and me have shared places in the landscape which has been a strong influenced on our collaborative work practice and used elemental surfaces of various materials.