Inga Dargužytė

2011 a series of prints ‘Communication between M&W’, monotype, linocut, 20.5×20.5

Communication is a continuous, endless, and integral process. A person uses a lot of various forms of communication in his everyday life. By using a particular symbol system in a series of prints ‘Communication between M&W’, I reveal the exchange of meaning between two individuals (man and woman). ‘Communication between M&W’ marks the boundaries of personal and formal interaction.

By uttering the author’s (me) personal graphical signs, which convey information, communication becomes informal, non-verbal, ironic, affected by visual ‘mutual’ attraction. In the prints of the series the motive of communication signs is changing: thus, creating a mutual dialogue by means of a graphical line.

In the dialogues of communication signs individuals ‘freely choose each other (‘Marriage’); they seek for friendship, fellowship and pleasure (‘Journey’, ‘Dance with me’), and sometimes they experience absurd situations of communication (‘Nemesis’, ‘Target’, ‘Crossing up, crossing down’). The series has been created by using monotype and linocut techniques.