Inga Dargužytė

2009 series of prints ‘Anda-lus’, 23.5×20 cm

Black on white dry point’s cycle was created during Valparaiso Foundation residency program in Andalusia, in the region in the Southern Spain on the Atlantic and Mediterranean, formerly a center of Moorish civilization has being. In the Spanish language, the term for Moors is Moro. This is used to describe all things in dark. The title of this project means ‘Andalusian light’. Metaphorically, it’s something invisible or a flash of cultural originality in the history of the world. I studied the play of sunlight and shadows on different surfaces; I investigated the colourful architecture of the moors and its details; I explored the history of the old and the new city and searched for the glimpses of Arabic culture heritage in every detail. Abstracted images bring one’s memories of tales from ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ read in childhood. The series is created using a technique of a dry needle.