Inga Dargužytė

2005 series of prints ‘Traveling Landscape’

The landscapes are still very much linked to the personal history and experience of my travels. During visit in the North of Iceland, the Gil-Society studio in Akureyri, landscape became to me a source of inspiration and has since then been prevailing in my creative work as the most important subject-matter.

The prints created by me in 2005, with the underlying thematic subject matter of landscape, are more oriented towards an abstract creative solution. The focus is on the expression of form, which could be recognized as the horizons of the mountains seen once or the islands imprinted in my memory or simply reminding us of a topographic map.

Responding to the surroundings and what I feel/ see while traveling, I draw sketches or simply record my impressions and ideas otherwise, to be used for printing at a later stage.

I further research through basically very simple compositions, dividing the horizon as a subject matter into several sub-categories, which are easy to be understood or recognized.