Inga Dargužytė

2010 a project ‘Bazaar’

At present, there is no commercial-cultural bridge that linked Lithuania and Armenia in the Soviet Union. Local merchants have vague memories of popular markets near Vilnius; just a few remember about their friends and colleagues from Lithuania. Armenian people do not have a clue about a present day political and economical life of Lithuania. ‘Bazaar’ is a project created in collaboration emphasising two different cultures, their relations and originality. Participants of the project (me and merchants) interact between themselves in a simple, everyday language. The participants have different education, social and cultural mentality.

‘Bazaar’ makes up a series of drawings, accomplished using monotype technique and a video (Harutyun Alpetyan, Armenia). The images from the markets (‘Bangladesh’, ‘Exclusive’, and ‘GUM’) that I visited dominate in realistic drawings; Harutyun Alpetyan (the owner and engineer of AJZ gallery) who shot my visit to ‘Exclusive’ market and drawing event at ‘GUM’ assisted me in making and editing the video. In video projections Harutyan is creating a performance by using body language, language and mime.