Inga Dargužytė

2008 project ‘Lappmarks’

The project ‘Lappmarks’ was created during my residency programme in ANNEXATELJÉN, Southern Lapland, Sweden. This is a place where two cultures meet: the indigenous Lapps (Sami) and settlers from other places. The environment, shrouded in mythology and local folklore, has inspired implementation of the project. I found the title for the project while studying ancient historical writings. The word ‘Lappmarks’ refers to the northern part of the former Swedish kingdom, once inhabited by the Sami.

The original two-word combination ‘Lappmarken’ germinated the idea of depicting the traces of Lapps, inhabitants of the area, in drawings, graphic prints and land-art installation.

The project consists of two parts: the first part is the drawings found on Nordic stones and land-art object, composed of small stones in the yard of the studio and the second part embraces graphic prints-maps created by using etching, soft ground techniques.

Both parts of the project metaphorically come together into one idea: mark the boundaries between nations and cultures. Drawings-prints and land-art installation signify the symbolic points and trajectories in the space of the Nordic landscape. The second part reflects locality, wandering and existence of the Sami people.

2008 The stones gallery

2008 The boat gallery

2008 The prints maps gallery