Inga Dargužytė

2007 series of prints ‘Orbits’, 35 prints, either 19×19 cm or 20×20 cm

The idea for these pieces came from observing the Icelandic scenery, which intrigued me once more by its unconventional forms and structures. Though this series is more reserved and graphical, manifestations of the previous project ‘Travelling Landscape’ can be traced in the engravings. The idea of ‘Travelling Landscape’ remains, however, it gets a new title ‘Orbits’. In this series, a picture gains the same importance as colour. The prints radiate their minimalism and choice of soft colours. The main element of the works is line creating life and movement.

A spectator gets into an orbit where moving imaginary objects form a circle, ellipse, parable, or hyperbole. This is how I create an illusion of optical art. Though, for me, prints seem decorative rather than associative. They resemble fragments of fabric, threads or shimmering of water. Lines, dividing space at similar intervals immerse the spectator into visual energy vortex of basic forms.

In this series of prints I have not pursued for a version of specific landscape. One has to take a personal look and try to perceive the difference between real and imaginary landscape.

Series of prints were created during Residency program in SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland.