Inga Dargužytė

2007 installation-object ‘Political & Poetical’, 273x413x66 cm

Project was created for contemporary art show ‘Yhteyksiä – Common Ground’ in Rauma, Finland (

The exhibition was focused on the newest trends of community and international contemporary art.
The framework of the project is a three-dimension art object (273x413x66) consisting of 24 cards and making a house of cards. The prints/cards (bobbins) used in the art project are closely connected to Lithuanian folk art. Bobbins are always being an integral part of Lithuanian folk art and element reflecting national character.

The bobbins chosen by the artist in this art project are reminiscent of the ones used in archaic culture and ethnography as well.

Furthermore, the bobbins used by the artist as elements of folk culture highlight the problems of today, such as cultural heritage and maintenance of this heritage. It is by means of cultural heritage that a country can maintain its authentic culture and cherish its traditions.

Habitually a house of cards is often used to predict future or to play various political, social and global games. No matter how many attempts are taken to construct a house of cards a new it has a tendency to collapse…