Inga Dargužytė

2017 ‘Fragment Evolution’, 8 prints, 22X22 cm

…‘Black on white ‘Fragment evolution’ cycle was created to the 2nd Kaunas International Printmaking Biennial ‘Fragment evolution’.

…‘The main concept of the Biennial becomes visual dynamics in graphic art. The form of expression, prevailing in the works, is supposed to be namely that which is found in the comics. The elements of this popular genre are used to supplement the stories, rendered in different techniques of graphic art, with the text. In this way, the comics obtain a new quality, becoming an evolution of one image and an original life story, rather than remaining a sequence of pictures squeezed into frames.

Printmaker divides her thoughts visually into proper and improper fractions. The circles (gramophone records, the face of a clock?) are divided piece by piece until there is only a single part left: the cycle of works from I to VIII of her ‘Fragment evolution’. If the fraction is an expression of a number representing one or a few parts of the whole, these unfinished circles may tell how much time of the day is left personally for you and me, or how many melodies there are still for the gramophone to play…‘

Info from ‘Fragment evolution’ catalog. Dr. Kristina Budrytė-Genevičė.