Inga Dargužytė

2022 'Karta'

The project “Karta ar kărta” (A generation or a map*) is a cycle of linocuts to remember and revive the history of existing and former places in Anykščiai district. This is a story about the visual changes of Gečionys, Grūdeliškis, Narkiškis and the surrounding villages.

The series of graphic works and the installation reveal the map of the life of the post-war silent generation.
In this project, I am a researcher who observes and gives meaning to the changes in the landscape and living environment that have been recorded for about 25 years: homesteads, collective farms, tractor repair workshops, a water tower, barns, pigsties, the Gečionys mansion (demolished in 2020), the decaying Narkiškis old cemetery. The mentioned areas, buildings and the people who lived in them remain today only in the existing ruins and “wander” in the shelter of nature.

For the implementation of the “Karta ar kărta” project, I have chosen a piece of linocut plate on which the interpretations of the collected visual material (photographs) are carved.
The main source of inspiration for creating a colored cycle of linocuts is a flowery crimplene dress sewn by my grandmother in 1943.

Silent box-urn light installation – graphic works printed in the classical colored linocut technique are enclosed in wooden boxes. Through a hole cut in the boxes, the viewer can see the illuminated print. The shining light is like a bright memory or a glimmer of hope for those in the present.

Memento patriam (remember the homeland).

Project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.